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4205 Indian Hill Road
Uhrichsville, OH 44683
Phone: 740-922-3471


About Yearbook

Yearbook is a real-world application class. The staff members are not just sitting listening to lectures, but instead, they are actively working on creating the yearbook. This includes interviewing various students, staff members, coaches, and members of the community in order to gain the necessary information to build the yearbook pages. The staff members also work with Mr. Baldwin's classes and local photographers to gain photography experience. Strong English and Communication skills are a plus, along with an eye for creative design and a strong work ethic. Yearbook staff members are often working independently on their pages and other assignments.

Yearbook Goals

  • Attending all events to photograph moments
  • Building teamwork and responsibility among the yearbook staff
  • Improved communication and reporting skills
  • Meeting all deadlines (assignments can not be late due to publishing company deadlines)
  • Learn and apply graphic design elements