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Transportation Department

201 N. Third Street
Dennison, OH 44621
Phone: 740-922-5478

Transportation Department

Eric Henry, Supervisor
Darrin Castello, Mechanic

Transportation Requests

To schedule bus transportation beginning June 10th to September 2nd, you will need to request transportation through your child's SCView form. Once you complete the SCView transportation form, an email will be sent with your child’s busing information. Please allow time for a response for late requests. 

After September 2nd, all transportation requests must be made by calling 740-922-5478 ext. 12004.

Students who have not completed a transportation request will not be permitted to ride buses.

Transportation Changes

Beginning the 2024-2025 school year, the following changes have been implemented:

  • The Claymont Board of Education has extended the student walk-zone to one mile.

  • Students are permitted only one stop. For example, a student will not be dropped off at one location on M-W-F and another location on T-TH. Students must be picked up/dropped off at their original location.

  • The following stops have been eliminated from our routes:

  • 5th & Logan St. Dennison (Bus 123)

  • Fuhr & 3rd St. Dennison (Bus 123)

  • First & Wilson St. Dennison (Bus 123)

  • First & Wilson St. Dennison (Bus 324)

  • Deersville Ave. & East High St. Uhrichsville (Bus 122)

  • Nazarene Church Pick up/Drop off Uhrichsville (Bus 122)

  • 10th & Water St. Uhrichsville (Bus 115)

  • If your child needs to ride home with another student because of extenuating circumstances, you will need to fill out the bus rider form and send it to the school office with your child. The building principal will verify the form and notify the transportation department. Students may not ride a bus without permission. 

Transportation during Teacher Professional days and/or different school calendars

Transportation will be provided to the following students:

Buckeye Career Center:        PU @ Intermediate 7:20     PU @ Middle School 7:25

Starr Alternative                     DO @ Intermediate 3:00    DO @ Middle School 3:05

Tuscarawas Central Catholic:   PU @ Intermediate 7:20     PU @ Middle School 7:25

   DO @ Intermediate 3:00    DO @ Middle School 3:05

Immaculate Conception:    TBD

Starlight School:        TBD

All students are responsible to get to the Intermediate/Middle School and be picked up at those locations.

Parent/Rider Expectations

At all times, students riding a school bus must comply with the expectations listed below. The school bus driver is the district representative in charge of the bus. The instructions of the driver need to be followed and respected by the students. Their instructions guide the students as they board and leave the bus and help manage student conduct during the ride to ensure the safety and welfare of all school bus passengers.

  • School bus transportation is a privilege to the student, not a right.

  • Cooperate with the driver at all times; follow all verbal and posted instructions. The District School Code of Conduct is in effect.

  • Students need to arrive at their bus stop five minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.

  • Students need to wait quietly in a location clear of traffic and a safe distance from the bus stop. This is often referred to as the designated place of safety.

  • Behavior at the bus stop must not threaten the safety of any individual.

  • Students are not permitted to be released off the bus at any location other than their established stop.

  • Students are not permitted to ride any other bus other than their assigned bus.

  • Students shall go directly to their assigned seat once they board the school bus.

  • Students must sit properly in their seats, keeping the aisle and exits clear.

  • Keep hands/head/feet and all other objects inside the school bus. Do not throw anything out the windows.

  • Eating, drinking, gum chewing, tobacco products, vapes, drugs, alcohol and littering are NOT permitted at any time.

  • Students must be quiet at railroad crossings until the bus entirely clears the crossing.

  • Electronic devices and cell phones shall not distract the driver, disrupt safety, or violate the district's Acceptable Use Policy.

  • Students may carry on the bus only objects that can be held in their laps.

  • Parents will be responsible for any damage to a bus by their child.

  • Open enrolled students are responsible for their own transportation.

  • It is recommended that kindergarten students have an adult present for pick-up and drop-off.