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Phone: 740-922-5478

The Claymont Foundation annually presents Alumni Awards and a Teacher of the Year Award.

There are four different Alumni Awards:

The Alumnus Achievement Award is given to a person whose contributions have made an impact on society and the community.

The Alumnus of the Year Award is granted to an individual who has demonstrated life-time leadership and abilities in his or her chosen field.

The Citizen of the Year Award is granted to an individual who has been active in community education and awareness.

The Distinguished Alumnus Award is given to a person who has dedicated his or her life or career to the service of humanity.

If you are interested in nominating an alumnus for any of these awards, please complete this on-line form:

Alumni Award Nomination Form

The Teacher of the Year Award is given to a current teacher in the Claymont School System. This award is based on the quality of teaching, impact on students, commitment to the educational process and the pursuit of lifetime learning.

If you would like to nominate an educator for the Teacher of the Year Award, click the link and fill out the form below:

Teacher of the Year Nomination Form