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College Scholarships
2014 / 15

Scholarship applications are available in the
Guidance Office or online.

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For families who are anxious to see how much aide they qualify through the FAFSA, you can go to to get an estimate based on income from 2012.

Do not fail to fill out the FAFSA in January 2014. If something happens to a parent mid-year in a child's college education, he can be re-considered for aide even if he did not qualify at first.

Student Paths Presents $1000 Education Awards
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A list of some scholarships that are available
to seniors is posted here:

STUDENTS, please have your parents check with their places of employment and ask if that company or any affiliates (such as unions) is giving a scholarship. We never find out about these, but your parents could do so. It may mean $1000 for you in scholarship money.

Tuscarawas County Pork Producers $500 Scholarship
The scholarship committee encourages any student who plans to pursue a career in agriculture or an agriculture-related field to apply, although, any student may apply. Applicants must be a resident of Tuscarawas County or a Tuscarawas County Pork Producers family member and a student in good academic standing where enrolled.Applications are available in the guidance office.  Completed applications should be returned to to the scholarship committee by Saturday, February 14, 2015.

The Ohio State University Alumni Scholars Program
This scholarship opportunity is for any senior student who has been accepted to The Ohio State University, demonstrates involvement in school and community activities, and shows a sound interest and positive attitude toward college work.  Students who have yet to apply to The Ohio State University but plan to do so before November 1st can still apply for this scholarship.  Applications are available in the guidance office.  Completed applications should be returned to Mrs. Castello by Friday, January 9, 2015.