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Missing Chromebooks/Cases/Chargers
Attention Mustang families,

Many students throughout the district have technology equipment that has not been turned in yet from the end of the year. If this equipment is not turned in by July 1st, 2022, a fee will be added onto your students account according to what is missing. The charges are listed as follows:

Missing Chromebook: $200
Missing case: $20
Missing charger: $20

Families with missing equipment will be contacted through all-call until the equipment is turned back in. Once the equipment has been turned back in, you will be removed from the all-call list.

Please turn the equipment in at the central office in Dennison across from the Intermediate building, so that we can verify the equipment is turned in and remove any fees. 

If you are unsure if your child has any missing equipment or do not know what is missing, please call the central office between 8AM-3PM at (740) 922-5478 and ask for Bill Bonanno or Chris Calderon.