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Mustang The Dog

Through the Holidays
January 2018

Mustang is a community minded dog. The Viking Pups shared this fun photo taken during a recent visit to our local fire department.

Mustang hopes that everyone is able to visit the Viking Pups Facebook page check out the recent posts of he and his sister as they finish their training as facility dogs. Check him out at

Through the Holidays
November & December 2017

Mustang had a great holiday and hopes that you did too!

Mustang’s handlers shared this great picture of him on their facebook page. We hope you are following his progress with us at

Fall Fun with Mustang
October, 2017

Mustang turned a year old this month! He and his sister Jet are growing up and training hard to become facility dogs.

The students at Augustana College had a little fun with his name and chose to dress him as a “mustang” for Halloween.

It’s EXCITING to think that this handsome dog will soon be helping students and staff at Claymont High School.

A Well-Rounded Facility Dog in Training!
September 29, 2017

The excitement is building as we watch Mustang progress! His Viking Pup handlers appear to be doing a great job preparing him for his future with his handler Mrs. Dotts and the students at Claymont High School.

One way Mustang will serve students in this district is by making occasional visits to our elementary and primary buildings with members of the CHS dog club. During these visits, Mustang will serve as a reading dog, listening to and encouraging young students to practice and develop their reading skills. Viking Pups handlers are already gearing him up for this important task! Here’s a great photo of him after a visit to an elementary school in Iowa. The students gave him a Mustang toy car!

Of course, another role he will have will be to serve as team mascot. Mustang will support all Claymont athletes. He’s a MUSTANG, afterall! This July, Mustang and his handlers prepared for this role by spending a weekend playing the field with the Charleston Power softball team.

Some have asked where Mustang will spend his nights and weekends. Every working dog, deserves a break! At the end of each day, he’ll go home with his handler Mrs. Dotts and relax with her family on their hobby farm. Mustang’s trainers want to make sure that this dog will seamlessly adjust to both work and home, so they have exposed him to some of the things he will experience while living with the Dotts family: farm animals, rural life, camping and swimming! .

Mustang is growing!
February 28, 2017

February was a great month for Mustang! His trainer wrote, "his training is going well, and he is HUGE! He’s going to be a gentle giant for sure!" His handlers gave this pup a little love for Valentine’s day! New toys and some warm weather in February, what more can a pup ask for? .

Mustang over the Holidays
January 1, 2017

Mustang is enjoying his holiday break with the students in the Pawsitive Hearts program at St. Ambrose University. Look for more updates at: .

Mustang goes to school
December 3, 2016

Mustang is old enough to start puppy school! Today, Mustang left his mother and littermates behind to begin his training. This adorable pup has a lot to learn before his arrival at CHS in the Spring of 2018! For more pictures and to track his progress visit
Pawsitive Hearts

Facility Dog Coming to CHS Spring 2018
December 2, 2016

During the second semester of the 2014-2015 school year, students in Mrs. Dotts' Communications class initiated a research project to find a way to reduce the anxiety associated with testing, lessen adolescent stress, and to increase school morale and positive student behavior. That investigation led to these students researching and creating a proposal to incorporate a facility dog at our building.

In May of 2015, they presented their idea to the board of education, and it was approved. These students gave presentations to the community and received donations for the total cost ($3,000) of the training and acquisition of this dog.

It has been a long wait, but in October 2016, we were notified that our future facility dog had finally been born! One of these yellow lab pups will be named Mustang and will be trained specifically for the students and staff of Claymont High School. A special thank you to our sponsors: Trinity Hospital Twin City, Mr. Kevin Johns, Mr. Mark Natoli and Family, Mrs. Debra Gardner, and Mr. Paul Fanti and Dr. Andrea Tiktin-Fanti. We would also like to thank Dr. Shanna Hickenbottom of Twin City Veterinary Outpatient Clinic and Ms. Lindsey Lewis from the Tuscarawas County Humane Society for pledging to assist with the dog’s annual medical needs.

We are very excited to begin our partnership with QC CAN, the organization that will be training our puppy specifically for the needs of our building. In December, Mustang will begin his training with students in the Pawsitive Hearts service and advocacy group on the campus of St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa. Look for future updates and share in our excitement as we eagerly anticipate Mustang's eventual arrival at our school.

For more information about QC CAN and Viking Pups visit: or