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Student facts!

Things students like to do! Coming straight from the horses mouth.

Students love lunch!

The reason students love lunch is because it’s some time away from class and you get to see all of your friends in one place! Students also get hungry when they have to be in class for awhile so it’s just so time to unwind and relax away from all the stressful work.

Students love snow days!

The reason students love snow days is because it an excused day to miss school that we don’t have to make up. Also who doesn’t like going and doing stuff in the snow!

Students love study halls!

Students love study halls because it’s time to unwind . You also get time to work on things without just listening to a teacher lecture you about something that you probably don’t enjoy. Some people may say study halls are just waste of time but students really do enjoy study halls.

Students love to have fun!

Students love to have fun at school because most of the time school isn’t fun. Students like when the school does stuff like pep rally’s and stuff to celebrate the students achievements. Students also get bored at school and theirs really nothing for us to do while we’re at school so sometimes we like to just relax and enjoy ourselves.

Students like to have friends in school!

Students like having friends because it gives them someone to talk to and be around and for the most part their friends are people who they enjoy being around and like to hang with so being social can take a lot of stress away from students!

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