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10 reasons why students opinions matter via an expert!

Hi, for this post I took the time out of my schedule to talk with Mike Lisieki, a student leader. He answered many questions on the topic of why student opinions actually matter more than you would think!

Do you think students opinions matter? Please explain why!

Yes I think student opinions matter! For two reasons because we are not dumb and we have very good ideas if you listen to us.

Do you feel like teachers care about student opinions? If so how?

I feel like some do and some don’t some just let it go through one ear and out the other but some listen too what the kids have to say.

Why should people care about student opinions?

People should care because students have good ideas just the teachers need to listen!

How could you embrace students opinions better?

Just simply listening and showing that they care.

Should they embraces students opinions more?

Yes they should but they also have work to get done so they can’t spend all day on it.

Do teachers opinions matter more than students?

I mean yes but no at the same time, because the students could have a really good idea and the teacher would just think there ideas better!

Can the school find better ways to embrace students opinions? If so how?

They could take it too the student council and if it’s a good idea take it to the office!

Do they care about some students opinions more than other?

Yes, some teachers have class favorites!

Do schools use class leaders efficiently?

No, because most of them don’t get to express their ideas!

What are some ways to get students more involved?

They could do sit and talks with students to see what the students want!

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