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10 Reason why student opinions matter!

Have you ever wondered if your opinion doesn’t matter? This blog post will help students with why they should speak their opinions and not just be pushed around by everyone!

1. Work Ethic

Students wont work hard in class if their opinions don’t matter!

2. Golden rule

Treat others how you would want to be treated!

3. Fair

When everyone works together everything works well together!

4. Trust

Nothing works without trust!

5. It’s your school

it’s our school we should get an opinion!

6. We are the clients

Without us the teachers wouldn’t have a job!

7. We know what we want

We can tell you how to make school better!

8. Not all of us are the same

None of us think the same so how do you know one method works for everyone!

9. Help raise leaders

You will have people speaking up for what they believe!

10. Speak your mind

You can stand up for what you want. YOU BE THE CHANGE!

I hope this helped you understand why your opinions important. Always remember you can be the change if you set your mind too it. Also don’t forget to check out the rest of the website for interviews with students.

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