Message from the Superintendent:

I welcome everyone back as we begin the 2014-15 school year. If I asked each of you to recall influential people in your life, I guarantee at least one of those people would be a bus driver, a custodian, a paraprofessional, a cook, a teacher, a coach, an administrator or family member. The beliefs which have helped shape me were instilled by family members and influential school personnel.

I would like to share with you some of my beliefs:

1. Every person is worthy of respect and dignity.
This includes the administration, teaching staff, support staff, students and parents. Be a Role Model!

2. Every student can learn and is entitled to an education that meets his or her individual needs.
I believe in meeting the needs of every child while challenging them to be the best individual in school and society. Be Punctual and Have a Positive Attitude!

3. Parents, schools, and the community should be active partners.
Parents want the best for their child. We need to encourage parents to participate in their child’s education and be an integral part of supporting us as we educate them. Be Invitational!

4. Schools must be safe for children.
I believe in having safe schools for our students and staff which includes schools free from harassment, intimidation and bullying. Be a Supervisor of Children and their Behaviors. Teach them the behaviors desired in society and in our buildings.

5. A positive self-image is essential for the development of well-rounded individuals.
I believe in looking at each child as an individual who has unique talents and needs. We must capitalize on the strengths and support the child in areas which need strengthened.

6. It is important to promote social, emotional, physical, intellectual, and moral development.
A healthy child has all of their needs met and fostered while being educated in our schools. Be a Parent or Professional who is inclusive of meeting all of these needs!

7. Education is a life-long process and is an important investment for the future.
We should all be life-long learners willing to learn and grow with each new challenge. We must strive to offer the best curriculum opportunities for each child and integrate technology in daily lessons.

8. Education must prepare students for their future.
It is our duty to make sure we prepare children for a future that helps them be successful, healthy and happy. You may be the bus driver who greets the child early in the morning and starts their day off with a smile or positive word, or the individual who has prepared breakfast for a child, or the classroom teacher who is setting the child up for the opportunity to live a successful life by teaching them to read, write and do mathematics.

No matter the role you play as a parent or member of the Claymont Staff, your job is the most important one in today’s society because you are preparing our children to be adults, adults who will one day reflect on who was the most influential person in their life. You are all difference makers. Remember that each minute of each day.

Have a great school year!

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Celebrate 922 Pride!

Home is where the heart is, that's what they always say,

That's why 9/22 is such an important day.

The community comes together to show their pride,

It lives within everyone deep inside.

From country side to city streets,

Everywhere you go you'll get many greets.

Our hearts are big and we'll take you in,

We'll make you feel at home and accept you as kin.

So leave your troubles behind and come visit our town,

We'll treat you kind and show you around.

~ By: Sarah Stevenson, Claymont High School Senior

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