Internet Resources for Teachers

Super Picks from Jan & Avy*

Compiled for Afterschool Workshops 2007-2008

Updated 2012


Verifying the Truth apple

Urban Legends




Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators Assessment Rubrics

Teacher Planet sponsors Rubrics 4 Teacher

Teacher Planet


Teacher Vision Rubric Library


Graphic organizers


Houghton Mifflin Education Place

Tools for Reading, Writing and Thinking

Write Design Online Graphic Organizers

Annette Lamb


The Graphic Organizer


Worsheets, Flashcards, Power Point etc.


Certificate Creator (some free)

Flashcard Machine Interactive

Online alphabet and phonics flashcards

Virtual Manipulatives for K-12 students

Create flashcard

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Games and Puzzles



Discovery School Puzzlemaker


Grants and Freebies

Big Deal Book

Awesome Library

High School Ace



American Holiday Traditions

Earth Calendar

Ohio Curriculum Connections


Institute for Library and Information Literacy

Ohio Academic Content Standards

Instructional Management System (IMS):

Tools for Teachers



Useful Teacher Sites Suggested by Jan

Choose the Best Search

TechLearning (bullying)

Atomic Learning:Wikis

Teachers First

Education World

Teachers' Domain


YIPPY: the search engine that clusters results

How Stuff Works is a useful site


Useful Teacher Sites Suggested by Avy

Kathy Schrock

Teacher Vision

Honolulu Community College Teacher site

Teaching that makes sense

Children’s author/illustrator Jan Brett

Learn about how the US currency

Enchanted Learning (some free through this subscription service)

Windows to the Universe

A to Z Teacher

Kenn Nesbitt’s Poetry for Kids

Writing Fix

Interactive Mathematics for K-6

Data Driven Program Evaluation


Houghton Mifflin Education Place K-6 Textbook materials

Merrium Webster Visual Dictionary



Behavior Management

Behavior Management Advice


Gifted Education

Hoagies Gifted Education site


Early Childhood

Kindergarten Literacy and Math

The Virtual Vine


Preschool Education

Center for Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning

Early Childhood Education

Starfall (Learning to Read)



Phonics and Word study center

Kindergarten resources

Phonics World

Special Education


Untangling the Web

Bob’s Links

Cindy's Autism Support

*These links were compiled by Jan Warden, Claymont High School Library Media Specialist and Avy Neininger, Claymont Director of Special Services, December 2007; updated April 2012.