Below are the known Scholarships by Claymont City Schools High School Guidance Office:

Scholarships of up to $3,500 may be awarded to entering freshmen, historically underrepresented, based on the criteria listed below. Recipients must be degree seeking and have a minimum high school GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale or minimum composite ACT score of 20 or minimum SAT score of 1020 (total score on SAT taken on or after March 1, 2017) or minimum SAT score of 950 (combined critical reading and math score on SAT taken before March 1, 2017).

Criteria may include: Ohio and Non-Ohio Residency; Ohio County of Residence; location of high school attended; financial need/economic background; extracurricular activities; first generation college attendance; evidence of leadership ability; creativity; community involvement; and students with a history of overcoming adversity.

Consideration will also be given to students from urban areas and Appalachian counties.

This scholarship is renewable provided that the student has successfully completed a minimum of 12 credits for Fall and 12 credits for spring each year AND has a 2.75 cumulative GPA by the end of each spring semester.

Two $1,000 scholarships will be awarded to Claymont graduating seniors in honor or and in memory of Mrs. Barb Bollon.  Applications are available in the guidance office.  Deadline to apply is Friday, February 16th, 2018.

The Ohio State University Alumni Scholars Program (ASP) is intended to recruit and provide recognition and financial assistance to outstanding incoming freshmen.  The standards of selection for this aware are: accepted to The Ohio State University, demonstrates involvement in school and community activities, and shows a sound interest and positive attitude toward college work.  Applications are available in the guidance office.  Deadline to apply is January 19, 2018.