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Big on Personalization - Low on Price!

Published: | Jacob Baldwin

Make your yearbook cover one of a kind.

The early bird gets the yearbook for less. Prices will go up on Friday, November 10, 2017, so order today. And make it one of a kind by adorning the cover with one of our brand new crest and monogram options.

College Credit Plus Informational Meeting

Published: | Lauren Castello

There is an additional opportunity for students and their families to attend a CCP Informational Meeting. 

The meeting is Tuesday, November 14th at Dover High School (520 N. Walnut Street, Dover) beginning at 7:00pm.

For additional CCP information, please visit

Picture Re-Take Day

Published: | Jacob Baldwin

Picture Re-Take day on Tuesday Nov 7th beginning @10AM.
*you may still order from the original photo date, just bring a package envelope and payment*
Make checks payable to: PHOTOGRAPHS BY SARAH

Financial Aid Night

Published: | Jacob Baldwin

Financial Aid Night for Seniors - Wednesday, November 1st at 6:30pm in the high school library. 

Please inform your parents of this informational event.

Wednesday - Dress Up

Published: | Jacob Baldwin

Remember to dress up for Wednesday.

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